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What should I bring to my first visit with my doctor?

To prepare for your first visit with your doctor, you should bring a copy of your health insurance card, a list of your current medications, information about your medical history, a list of questions or concerns, and accepted form of payment (cash, Visa or Master Card).

When can I expect to get my test results and how do I obtain my results?

It usually takes 2-3 days for regular test results but more detailed and Culture test results can take up to one week. Once your tests have been reviewed by the physician, our office will call you with the results. You can also view your results through the patient portal or call us to check your results.

When do I need to come back for the PPD (Tuberculosis) reading?

PPD results must be read within 48 to 72hrs, we will tell you what time you need to return to the office for the reading. If the test is not read within the time frame, then the test must be repeated at your own cost. . If the results are positive then a Chest X-Ray is required to establish the diagnosis.

Do you give MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) Vaccines?

Yes. Patients who are born after January 1st, 1957 require two dosages of MMR vaccine.

Do you provide Yellow Fever Vaccines?

No - we do not administer yellow fever vaccine.

Does your office provide Emergency visits and after hour visits?

We do see patients on Emergency basis; Walk-in appointments are considered Emergency visits depending on the reason of the visit.

What is your policy on Cancelling, Re-scheduling or No-Show appointments?

If you need to Cancel or Re-schedule your appointment, please call us at least 24hrs prior to your appointment. If you fail to notify us within the time frame and do not show up for your scheduled appointment, then you may be responsible for a fee of $25 per missed appointment.

How do I get my prescription refilled?

If you need a refill on a medication prescribe to you by our doctor call your pharmacy and ask them to fax the prescription to us @ 972-578-7705 or have them send us an e-prescription request to our office. Please keep in mind that if it has been more than 3 months since your last visit, you may need to come in depending on your refill request, because the doctor needs to monitor your health condition and make sure the medication is working properly. An appointment is also required for any new prescription requests or for a refill on Controlled substance.

Why doesn’t my regular physician take care of me while I’m in the hospital?

Your regular physician is part of the team overseeing your care; however the Hospitalist Team is readily available to you and is frequently consulting with your regular physician, who may visit you before or after office hours.

What should I do if I need a referral to another doctor?

Please call our office to schedule an appointment with reason for the referral. Please make sure you have the physician’s full name, address, and phone & fax number. We advise you to see our doctor before seeing the specialist because insurances do not authorize back dated referrals.

If I need medical records for myself what should I do?

We need to have a written request for your medical records! There is a form on the website that you can fill out completely and send to our office, once it is received it may take up to 48hrs for the records to be released. You can stop by the office to pick up the records. Please keep in mind that there is a $35 fee for medical records.

What is a Pre-existing condition and is it covered by my insurance?

A Pre-existing condition is any condition for which the patient has already received medical advice or treatment prior to enrollment in a new medical insurance plan. You must call your insurance company to verify with them whether you have a pre-existing condition or exemption on your policy. If you have a pre-existing condition then you will be responsible for all charges related to that condition.

How can I find out ahead of time if my insurance will pay for a certain test or procedure and how much will they pay?

You can call us to find out the Procedure code for a particular test or procedure and then call your insurance company provide them the code and inform them that it will be done in your primary care physician’s office. With that information your insurance representative should be able to give you an estimated cost of coverage.

What do I need to do to get clearance for surgery?

In order to get clearance for surgery, we need the name of the surgeon, type of surgery to be done, reason for surgery, date scheduled for the surgery and what tests the surgeon is requesting for the pre-operative clearance. Usually the surgeon’s office provides a form that states the above information. Please schedule an appointment for the pre-operative clearance. Once all results are in, our office will call you and will also inform your surgeon’s office whether you are cleared or not cleared for surgery based on the test results.

What if I want to join a weight loss / exercise program, what do I need from your office?

If you have high blood pressure or any heart problems and are trying to start a weight loss program, the program might require you to be cleared from your Primary Care doctor. At the time of your appointment our doctor will assess the risk factors and go over the questions with you before clearing you to start the program. Please bring clearance request form from your weight loss company.

How is a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) visit covered?

MVA is separate from regular visit. Services are paid upfront by you and then you can file the claim with the third party. We do not bill the insurance for MVA.

Do you offer Immigration Physicals?

Yes. We currently provide US Immigration Physicals in our Murphy location.

Do you Provide DOT Physicals?

We do provide DOT physicals